Monday, December 19, 2011

Psychology: Best gifts for child don’t come in a box

Many of us are aware of the joy that gifts can bring to children, as they are at a stage in their psychological development when presents elicit much anticipation and excitement. If given with the proper perspective in mind, gifts can be a healthy part of their holidays.

But there is another side of giving: the gift of healthy parenting.

Let’s look at these gifts:

The gift of unconditional love means love that endures despite unfavorable circumstances. You might not approve of their behavior, you might not like their attitude or their lifestyle, and it might be necessary to take tough stances. But let your children know that you love them despite difficulties.

Initiate physical contact. Hold them, kiss them, and provide warmth and closeness as further demonstration of your affection and your love for them.

The gift of active listening means not trying to communicate with your child while you are preoccupied with something else, such as a phone call, dinner preparations or watching television. Instead, give them your full attention and show genuine interest in what they are talking about.