Friday, November 12, 2010

Study of Psychology

The Study of Psychology in theoretical background dates back to olden culture of Egypt, Greece, China, India and Persia. The Historians spot to writings of early Greek philosophers such as Thales, Plato and Aristotle as primary important body of work in West to be wealthy in psychological thinking.

The word psychology accurately means the study of soul. The word psychology is derived from the Latin word psychologia. The word psyche means breath, spirit, or soul and logia means study of. The Latin word psychologia was first used by Croatian humanist and Latinist Marko Marulic in his book Psichiologia de ratione animae humanae in early 15th century or 16th century. The first reference to the word psychology in English was by Steven Blankaart in 1693 in The Physical Dictionary which refers to Anatomy which treats of Body and Psychology which treats of Soul.

The Psychological knowledge is normally applied to evaluation and treatment of mental health problems. It is also useful for understanding and solving problems in many special area of human action. The majority of psychologists are occupied in a few kind of therapeutic role like medical, psychoanalysis and training positions. Many psychologists achieve scientific research on wide range of areas associated to psychological process and social behavior typically in university psychology departments. Few of them teach such knowledge in academic background. Few of them are employed in industrial and managerial settings and also in further areas such as human growth and aging, forensics, games, health, law and media.